Professional enterprise information service provider, owns "醫藥前途匯Pharma-Fusion" which has over 200 VIP enterprise memberships, and established strategic relationship with over 3000 companies in this industry.

    • Pharma-Fusion --- Together We Change

      A leading China-focused enterprise resource platform and has been focused on Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for more than a decade. During past three years, we have facilitated 11 billion RMB merger and acquisition deals closed, 42 CFDA registrations, and 107 market strategic cooperation agreements.

    Beijing Bio -welcome Consulting CO.,LTD.

    Beijing Bio-welcome consulting CO.,LTD. has been dedicated in a wide range of particular industry sectors to provide professional enterprise information services for both domestic and international pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprises. For instance, we have covered drug manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, healthcare product manufacturing, private equity investment, technology transfer, R&D cooperation, strategic cooperation, CFDA registration and sales channels allocation, etc. Our objective is to assist large companies to achieve their enterprise objective, and to foster smaller companies at earlier grow stage.

    Equity financing

    Among our partners and clients, there are plenty of institutional investors and individuals that are looking for good projects, non-public owned asset and pharmaceutical companies to invest. By collaborating with our online database platform醫藥前途匯Pharma-Fusion, our clients can quickly find, through offline marketing team operations, suitable private equity investors with great intentions, and efficiently close the deal step by step.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    As sought by our pubic company VIP members, financial advisory service of mergers and acquisitions is also a big part in our financial advisory and consulting service. Our professional marketing division will provide “360 degrees” consulting services in the process of strategic cooperation and mergers & acquisitions based on their experiences and unique understanding of the Chinese market.

    Meeting Management

    As we defined " Pharma-Fusion ", we would like to express our service function as “to promote the information exchanges and communications for the future”; in order to build cooperation, we will provide meeting arrangement service. Meanwhile, Bio-Welcome manages 6 conferences and 3 international conversations annually, primarily for pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Through those partnerships and strategic relationships, Bio-Welcome so far has successfully organized 40 conferences and over 16000 companies and individuals have attended.


    Strategic partners

    Venture Partner

    Let us Create Fusion

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